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Frequently Asked Questions

In general, we are specifically aiming towards college professors, students and experts in their specific subjects. Posted study resources should cover concepts of college courses to support students who may find their textbook overwhelming and time-consuming to sort out important information and concepts.

You will get paid at the end of the month, electronically.

Whatever you think will sell, you can also post study resources for free.

Based on how you list your resource, it could be by course, textbook, or subject. For example: if you are taking a psychology 101 class you can search by Psychology 101, Introduction to Psychology, or by the textbook you are following.

No, it’s free, unless you are posting many or large files, you want to go under the WRITER membership, which is $100 annually and/or with 75% payment of the amount you charged per sold item. Whereas, the free memberships are at 60% payment.

You may look at the thumbtacks, the description should explain what concepts are covered in the study resource.

Yes, here is a PDF format of a Psychology 101 first chapter covering the “History of Psychology.”


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