Study Resources for College Students

how to study

THE PURPOSE OF STUDY GUIDES is to guide you to organize lecture notes and text book material, so  you can increase your comprehension and memory of large amounts of information.  Study guides that are visual is even more effective, as the visual organization helps you see related concepts and make meaningful connections with the material, which results in acquiring higher levels of learning expected by many of your professors.

Study Elements has created specific resources to help you not only study, but also understand the information you’re studying. The study guides are organized for you by key concepts from the textbook – saving you time and increasing your focus and motivation.

how to study

Preparing for tests often involves more than just knowing facts, figures, formulas and definitions.  Many professors expect you to demonstrate critical thinking, which involves more than just memorizing.  You need to organize and process course concepts, so that you can increase your comprehension, and the ability to think critically on the content covered in the course.

How do study guides help you?

Study Elements promotes on demand study resources for college students.

90% of college students say they struggle to find study resources for their courses.

Study guides are visual and effective, because it helps you see and manipulate related concepts. This initiates you to make meaningful connections with the course content.   It then results in the higher level learning expected by many of your professors.

You can use the resources here to do the following:

  • Organize textbook notes

  • Guide study groups

  • Guide questions to the professors for clarification on content

  • Prepare for exams more efficiently

  • Manipulate information to retain and understand content more thoroughly.

These techniques work together so you can study more effectively.

 Although simple repetition does help us learn, psychological research has found that we acquire information most effectively when we actively think about or elaborate on its meaning and relate the material to something else.  (This means the use of flashcards are minimally effective tools for studying.) 

Study resources here, in Study Elements, do just that, they will guide you to manipulate and apply the subject concepts through your world knowledge, materials you’ve read/studied or your life experiences.  The purpose is to help you build a deeper level of critical knowledge of the content. 

how to study
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